Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet Potato Banana Paleo Pancakes

Paleo Sweet Potato Banana Pancakes with Nectarines, Pecans, and Coconut Cream

Ok, so theres a reason why I am mentioning "pale" and not "Whole30" on this post. While the ingredients are all whole30 approved,  the true Whole30 diet does not totally agree with making pancakes even if its with approved ingredients.  SO... Having that said... Yes I still made these... I was just getting so sick of eggs every morning and these were pretty darn delicious.  If I were to do it again I would use almond butter as a topping along with strawberries or some other sweeter fruit.  The nectarines added a sour taste, which was still good, but if your somewhat cheating on Whole30 you might as well go all out with some yummy, sweet strawberries right?  Anyways, here's the recipe! Hope you like them!

(Recipe found on Tara_eats_whole instagram page)


-1 mashed banana
-1/2 cup mashed cooked sweet potato (I microwaved 1/2 of one for about 7 minutes)
-3 eggs
-1 T Almond Butter
-Cinnamon to taste

Blend all ingredients together and cook like a normal pancake! (I did use a little bit of coconut oil to make sure they didn't stick to the pan)

-1/4 C Pecans
-1 Nectarine
-Cinnamon to taste
-1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (chilled)

For the coconut cream, whip chilled coconut milk in kitchen aid on speed 8 for about five minutes

Other yummy toppings could be: strawberries, blueberries, any kind of berries ;)... Coconut Flakes, roasted almonds, etc. as long at they are Whole30 compliant.  


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