Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kitchen Canister Makeover

 Hey everyone! I am really excited about this project.  I have been meaning to do it for some time and finally got bored enough to make it happen.  I'm sure A LOT of you have some old kitchen canisters sitting in your kitchen that could use a little TLC.  Many of you (especially if you were married in Utah) most likely got a set as a wedding gift like Ryan and I.  This was super easy to do and added a little extra spunk to my kitchen.

The inspiration...
I was strolling through Target the other day and came across these canisters.  I LOVED them and wanted to buy them instantly. Then I looked at the price tag... Yep, $15 bucks for a single jar, and that's just the small one.  The bigger sizes were more. I knew I couldn't justify spending over $60 bucks on new canisters when I already have some, so I let my creative sparks fly and decided to revamp my old ones for less than half the cost. 


-1 can Krylon White Primer (Walmart: $3.50)
-1 can Krylon Gloss White spray paint (Walmart: $3.50)
-1 can Krylon Ivy Leaf Spray Paint (or any color) (Walmart $3.50)
-Chalkboard Labels (Hobby Lobby $2.50 with 40% off coupon)

Total Cost: Approximately $13.00 (Less than one canister at Target!!!)


1. Wash and dry your canisters 
2. Remove all hardware from the canisters ( I threw all of the hardware away except for the rubber and measuring spoons because one of them was broken, and I tried spray painting them black which
 just made a huge mess.  This is the one thing I wish I had kept, but it works either way)
3.  Apply two coats of primer to each canister and lid, making sure to let them dry in between each coat
4. Apply two coats of white paint to the canisters and two coats of green paint to the lids
5. Make sure to let them dry completely, then add your chalkboard label!
6.  Add your favorite baking supplies, bulk food, etc, and your done!
*** Note, try not to get any paint inside the canister itself, you can tape off the inside if necessary ***

I was also thinking I could add a little more to these by adding some washi tape or ribbon, and a knob on the top.  I couldn't wait to post these so I jumped the gun on adding them to my blog, but if I do end up adding more to them I will definitely post another picture.  Happy Crafting!!!

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