Monday, November 25, 2013

Reindeer Glitter Canvas

So let me start off by saying I realize this is pretty much the most popular thing on Pinterest right now haha. However I LOVE it and just had to make one of my own, and I figure whats the harm in another tutorial huh? It is SUPER easy to make (if you don't mind glitter all over your house).

Materials Needed

  • White Canvas (I used an 11x14)
  • Gold glitter (I used extra fine, hence the glitter all over my house)
  • Black paint
  • Gold paint sharpie
  • Tacky Glue
  • Sand block if you want to "rough it up"
  • Printed Deer Silhouette *** Click Here***
  • (The "believe" phrase is optional.  I did it with my cricut using vinyl and a paint pen to trace the letters)
1.  Using blue painters tape, tape stripes onto your canvas
2.  Paint the white parts of the canvas black and let dry for about 15 min.
3. Lightly sand the canvas to give it that "worn but vintage" look
4.  Using Microsoft excel, download the dear head silhouette *** Click Here*** and change the size to fit your canvas. I printed mine 10" X 13" .  Excel will print it on a few different sheets of paper because it wont fit on just one

5.  Trace your heart out!!! Trace the silhouette with a pencil making really defined lines so it transfers to the canvas.

6. Cut and tape the silhouette together and lay face down on your canvas

7. Using the pencil eraser, rub the traced lines onto the canvas

8. This step is optional, but tracing the silhouette again with a sharpie will give your reindeer more defined lines

9.  Using Tacky Glue, fill in the silhouette, don't worry about it drying and take your time :)

10.  My favorite part... Sprinkle glitter all over the canvas and let it dry for about 30 minutes (if you try to shake off the glitter too soon the glue will lose its shape and look droopy)

11.  Shake off the glitter and voila! 

If you want to add words to the canvas like mine all I did was use Cricut "opposites attract" and used the vinyl as a stencil. I used the gold sharpie paint pen to trace the letters and then I added some glitter to the them to make it pop. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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