Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Subway Art and Transfer Paper Tutorial

I  have had a lot of requests asking how I transfer my vinyl lettering, so here is a tutorial on how I use transfer paper :) (your best friend if you own a cricut machine).  I made this using the "Word Collage" cricut cartridge, which is probably my favorite one.  I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner! 

1. Print your picture or letters with your cricut (using Cricut Craft Room is the best)

2. Leaving the vinyl on stuck to the sticky mat, peel off the top layer, revealing the letters beneath

3.  Using tweezers, peel off any stuck leftover vinyl like in the "A's" and "O's"

4.  Peel the backing off the transfer paper and lay onto your letters, sticky side down

5.  Rub the transfer paper onto your letters with a card

6.  Slowly peel lettering off of the mat and onto the transfer paper

7.  Lay the transferred image onto your canvas, wood, etc. and firmly rub over the letters with a card
8.  Using the Card to press the vinyl down, slowly lift the transfer paper off the canvas, leaving the letters behind.  ( I find it easiest to rip the transfer paper off in sections instead of all together)

9.  If you want to leave your vinyl letters as is, that is totally fine.  But if you want to use the letters as a stencil, just paint over them, wait for the paint to dry, then peel away the letters :)

10.  Your Done! Merry Christmas!

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