Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thrifty Lamp Makeover

Photo Jul 11, 12 48 39 PM
You never know what you will find at the thrift store.  Sometimes its a total bust and other times you find an awesome lamp base for five bucks!  This was the first time I have ever redone a lampshade.  The lamp I found didn’t come with the shade so I had to buy one from Hobby Lobby.  I LOVE that place.  I found a self adhesive shade for five bucks!  The self adhesive shade made my project SO much easier and a lot less expensive.  After buying the shade I just had to buy fabric and spray paint (which with a 40% off coupon and the fabric being 50% off it was a steel) Total the lamp cost me about twenty bucks.  Not too shabby for a cutsie lampshade yeah?
Photo Jul 11, 11 22 13 AMPhoto Jul 11, 11 22 17 AMPhoto Jul 11, 11 25 28 AM
First I prepped the base to get ready to paint it.  Many people will use a primer before they add their color, and to be honest I wish I did this.  It think the base would have come out a lot smoother.  But you live and you learn right?  Begin by taping off the top of the lamp.
Photo Jul 11, 11 22 39 AM
I used Krylon Bright Idea.  I love this spray paint!  I did four coats and waited about ten minutes between each one.
Photo Jul 11, 12 36 34 PM
This is the brand of lampshade I found at Hobby Lobby.  I LOVE IT! I didn’t even know it was self adhesive until I opened it. It retails for 9.99 but hobby lobby often has stuff on sale for %50 off, or you can always sign up for their mailer and get their weekly %40 off coupon (highly recommended)Photo Jul 11, 11 22 50 AM
I know I know, chevron is SOOO overused right now.. But I love it! I got a yard of fabric and it was WAY too much! I have a ton left over (meaning you will probably eventually see another project with this fabric so don’t be alarmed ;) )
Photo Jul 11, 11 50 48 AM
The shade comes with a piece of wax paper to use as a stencil for your cut.  Make sure to cut about an inch away from the paper so you have plenty of fabric to stretch, pull, and glue.
Photo Jul 11, 11 54 43 AMPhoto Jul 11, 12 00 33 PM
Make sure to iron your fabric or you will end up with a crease through your shade!
Photo Jul 11, 12 02 01 PM
On one edge of your fabric fold over about an inch and iron making a nice tight crease so the seam lays flat on your shade
Photo Jul 11, 12 03 22 PM
Peel off the paper to reveal the self adhesive on the shade
Photo Jul 11, 12 04 47 PM
lay your fabric on the shade and press it on with your hands. Line up the edge with the seam on the shade
Photo Jul 11, 12 12 00 PM
Use your hot glue gun to seal the seam
Photo Jul 11, 12 13 28 PM
Place hot glue on the inside of the shade and fold over the edges of the fabric
Photo Jul 11, 12 19 24 PM
Trim the excess fabric
Photo Jul 11, 12 21 23 PM
Tada! A beautiful shade!
Photo Jul 11, 12 40 38 PMThe finished project :)

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