Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snow Canyon Lava Caves

This adventure was my favorite of the summer.  I was surprised at how freaked out I was to go into the cave because it gets kind of narrow in some parts, but I am SURE glad I did it because it was a blast.  I know there are a few caves in Snow Canyon (about 20 minutes from St. George) however the one we went to are the most popular.  It leads you to a big room where it’s pitch black (so remember to bring a head lamp) and apparently people bring glow sticks, break them open, and throw them all over the cave walls.  We didn’t do this but its supposed to look pretty spectacular.

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Im not going to try to explain how to get to snow canyon because I will butcher it.  But if you just look up Snow Canyon in St. George  Google will do a much better job and not get you lost :)
-After turning into the park from the North Entrance, go past the toll booth. NOTE: There’s no officer there at night, most people don’t stop to pay a deposit in the night box, and I’ve never heard of anyone getting busted for not paying. However I can’t in good conscience, suggest you avoid paying this ridiculous fee to play in a public park
-After passing the toll booth go down the road until you see a parking lot on the right of the road. Stop and Park.
-Walk to upper end of the lot and you will see a stairway leading to a trail. Go down stairs and follow trail. You will soon cross a dry river bed, keep going. Continue on this trail-ignore any side paths.
-After 10-15 minutes you will see a small sign at a fork in the trail. Continue left on mail trail. Cave is near! Begin looking for cave on the right side of the trail.
-You will find a rocky hole in the ground 10-15 ft. to the right of the trail. There is a ledge off to the left side where you can get down into the cave.  I had Ryan help me down, but if your careful you shouldn’t have any issues getting into it.
-Once in the cave there is a small room to your right, or path leading to a large room on the right.  The larger room is the one worth seeing.  There will be some narrow crevasses and a small ledge you will have to climb down.  It seems scary, and I was definitely a little claustrophobic, but its not long until you reach the big room, which is amazing!… Let me know what you guys think or if you have any issues finding it.  Have fun!!!
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This is what the entrance to the cave looks like
This is what the entrance to the cave looks like

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