Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Healthy Homemade Gummy Bears

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I LOVE gummies… Gummy bears, gummy worms, peach rings, gummy sharks, etc.  They are my weakness, I would take something gummy over chocolate any day.  Unfortunately all those yummy candies are packed full of artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, tons of sugar, and a whole lot of other unhealthy stuff.  I came across this recipe for homemade gummy bears on Pinterest (here) and I was sold! I have to say, these cute little bears are pretty tasty, and SUPER healthy for you too! I was really surprised at how easy they were to make, and the flavor options are endless!  Here’s how I did it (PS... These weren't as sweet as I thought they were going to be, you can either add more stevia, or real sugar to help sweeten them up a little, or leave it... It's healthier that way ;)) :)
There is a main recipe for any flavor, just substitute the fruit and juice to make different variations
  • Two cups of fruit
  • One cup of fruit juice (I used my juicer, but you can use any kind of fruit juice, it just depends on how “natural” you want your gummies to be)
  • Three packets of Stevia in the Raw
  • Five packets of regular unflavored gelatin
  • Prepare your fruit juice by juicing ( unless you aren’t juicing your fruit)
  • dice two cups of preferred fruit
  • Add fruit juice and fruit to a pot and simmer on medium until the fruit is super soft
  • Add Stevia
  • Add to blender and blend until smooth
  • Let mixture cool for 5-7 minutes
  • Add packets of Gelatin and blend until there are no clumps
  • Poor onto very lightly greased cookie sheet (The size of the cookie sheet will determine the thickness of your gummy bears. I found a 9″ X 13″ cake pan worked the best)
  • Refrigerate for one hour
  • Cut our your gummies and enjoy!
Just follow these simple steps for any flavors you decide to make.  For mine I did three different types of fruit (one cup juiced and two diced cups of two different kinds) So for example, I did one cup of strawberries and one cup of bananas. The steps for all the flavors are the exact same, just juice, cut, boil, blend, and chill.
P.S. I found the bear shaped cutter in the clay section at Hobby Lobby, it was 1.99 for a pack of three different sizes
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I really liked this flavor, however I would have liked for them to be a little thicker, which is why I switched from a cookie sheet to a cake pan for my other two flavors.  Here’s how I did it by following the directions above…
Photo Sep 28, 12 46 24 PM
While the Strawberry Banana gummies were chilin in the fridge I made the Pineapple, Mango, Banana ones. These ones were my favorite! (P.S. I promise those little strandy things arent hair, they are from the mango ;) )
Photo Sep 28, 11 46 14 AM
Here’s how I did it, using the same steps as above I juiced the pineapple and diced the mango and banana.
Photo Sep 28, 12 58 12 PM
The strawberry blueberry ones were really good too, and Ryan’s favorite of the three. Again, just follow all the same steps from above, I used apples as the juice, and diced the strawberries and added blueberries.  This recipe I cut in half because I was running low on gelatin :)
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Photo Sep 28, 1 03 46 PM (HDR)
There you have it! Homemade all natural gummy bears! The recipe makes a good amount, probably equivalent to five bags of regular gummy bears.  I cant wait to test out more flavors! If you come up with any yummy ones definitely let me know :) Hope you like them!

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  1. What a great recipe! My kids , of course, love fruit snacks but i never feel great about giving them to them. What do you do with the scraps? It looks like there is a lot left over.

    1. Thanks Rita! Yes there is A TON of leftover scraps. My hubby ate a lot of it but for the most part we just threw it away, sad I know :(... I was thinking the next time I make them I will cut them into squares instead of the gummy bear shapes, that way none will get thrown out. Thanks for your comment!

  2. What a great recipe! Excited to try them :) Do you keep your finished gummies in the refrigerator?

    1. Thanks! Yes I did keep mine in the refrigerator, however they stayed pretty soft, next time I make them I am going to leave some out to see if maybe drying them out a little will make them more "gummy like"

  3. Greetings from the UK.
    What size gelatin packets are used?