Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alpine Sliding Rock

In the Alpine/Highland area (just behind Draper) there is a small hike leading up to a natural water slide!!! It was pretty cool. Watching someone go down it looked a little painful, but I PROMISE it’s not at all!!! It was tons of fun, but probably not a place for very small children because the rocks tend to get a little slippery.
Take the Alpine Highland Exit (exit 284) and turn left (North towards the mountains). Go up for a mile or two until you come to 5300 N, Turn left. This eventually turns into Alpine Main or Alpine Highway (I can’t remember exactly). Drive for about two or so miles, you know your going the right direction when you get to a round a bout (but keep going straight through it). Turn left onto Fort Canyon road. This will take you through a neighborhood and you may feel like your going the wrong way, but I promise your not. Keep following Fort Canyon until it makes a big turn to the right. You will see a huge “no trespassing” sign, which is where you will have to park your car and walk the rest of the way. A good indication to knowing your in the right place will be a pluthera of cars lined along the road where people have gone up to slide the waterfall themselves (especially on a Saturday). To hike into the waterfall walk past the no trespassing sign, up about a half mile, until you get to a fork in the road. Turn right at the fork, turning left is just a big loop that eventually leads to the falls but will take a lot longer. Go up about another half mile until you get to a cul de sac. Here you will see a small trail off to the left, or a larger trail, with boulders at its entrance to the right. TAKE THE SMALL TRAIL TO THE LEFT. The falls are only about thirty yards from here. Have fun!!!
Don't make fun of my face! It was my first time ;) but SO much fun!
Don’t make fun of my face! It was my first time ;) but SO much fun!
Ryan looking a lot more graceful coming down the slide.
Ryan looking a lot more graceful coming down the slide.


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